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Training community animal health workers in L'Azile, Haiti   

Training community animal health workers in L'Azile, Haiti


Our goal is a staged transfer of responsibility from Herd Heroes to trained community animal health workers in Haiti.

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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which will offer a unique approach to providing aid to Haiti.  

We help smallholder subsistence farmers in rural Haiti convert to small businesses by capitalizing on Haiti's longstanding agricultural tradition and the business and livestock breeding expertise of U.S. partners.  

First, we provide the tools and training to increase livestock productivity and mitigate losses due to natural disasters.  We then help connect the small farmers to school nutrition programs as a market for their products.  By offering locally-sourced meat as an alternative to imported fortified blended foods to charities sponsoring school nutrition programs, the entire local livestock value chain will be supported.

When we establish a Herd Heroes program, our goal is to work with local farmers, leaders, and trained animal health workers to establish a realistic timeline for transfer of responsibility for the program to the community.  Initially, Herd Heroes, Inc. takes complete responsibility for oversight and financial support of breeding and animal health programs, as well as construction of the animal health field station.  

As animal production increases and a reliable market is established, the resulting income will gradually be used to sustain the program.  Oversight of animal health, herd management, and financial responsibility will be turned over to the local community in a staged fashion.