Give a Goat

The gift that keeps on giving

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Who receives the goat?

We prioritize young mothers in rural L’Azile, Haiti as recipients of goats.  Men in this region often must leave to find work in cities or overseas, and women are left caring for their families and their small plots of land.  Goats are easily managed by women and children, and they can be sold for much-needed cash during their routine trips to regional markets. The gift of a Herd Heroes goat will allow a young mother to pay her child’s school tuition and make essential household purchases.  

Where do the goats come from?

The goat you purchase will be born and raised in our Herd Heroes Animal Health Field Station in L’Azile, Haiti.  This way, we know they are healthy, sturdy goats.


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What if I can’t purchase a goat but would still like to give a gift that can help a family in Haiti?

Another option is to purchase an Animal First Aid Kit to give a family so that they can keep their animals healthy until they can get access to veterinary care.  The kit provides basic first aid supplies such as bandages and antibiotics to treat not only the goats, but also the donkeys that serve as a means of transportation for rural Haitians.  It also contains a “birthing kit” for goats so that no newborn goats are lost to preventable illnesses.